The Hood Internet

photo by Courtney Allessio

Windy City mash-up wizards the Hood Internet will be in town for a heavily sponsored event. This show is being billed as a party, not a concert and for good reason. The duo specialize in mixing hip-hop and ’80s music with modern indie rock ― the resulting sound is a cluster-fuck of ever-changing, highly danceable tunes. The Hood Internet’s contemporaries and co-conspirators are up-and-coming Chicago acts Flosstradamus and Kid Sister, so expect clips from these acts featured among samples ranging from Beach House to Drake to the Black Lips to Jamie Foxx to Deerhunter to Gucci Mane to Grizzly Bear.

Pregame: Hit the Hood Internet’s web site and download the free “mixtapes” to listen to while you’re dressing and dancing in front of your mirror.

link: Riverfront Times

The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet
9 p.m. Friday, May 9. Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street
By Jaime Lees
Published on May 07, 2008

The two dudes in the Hood Internet are multitasking experts. In addition to the occasional remix, the Chicago DJ crew pumps out frequent mash-ups, which layer beat-filled songs on top of each other to create new, booty-poppin’ super-songs. The Hood frequently meshes current phenoms with old-school jams (Tag Team vs. LCD Soundsystem, Mos Def vs. Battles, Prince vs. Kid Sister). Plus, unlikely combinations (like R. Kelly vs. Shellac) abound. Yes, R. Kelly and Shellac are played in tandem to produce bumpin’ results — all of which are downloadable (for free) at its Web site ( Come out and kick it dance-party style, because Dan Deacon ain’t got shit on this.

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