Yoko Ono’s New iPhone App, #smilesfilm, Aims to Capture Every Smile in the World

Yoko Ono’s New iPhone App, #smilesfilm, Aims to Capture Every Smile in the World
By Jaime Lees
Mon., Jun. 18 2012 at 12:19 PM

Yoko Ono’s new iPhone app, #smiles film, was released this week and with it comes an opportunity for fans to participate in Ono’s latest art project.

Yoko Ono famously won John Lennon’s heart when he attended one of her art shows and he saw that she was presenting a positive message. Once LennOno became a couple, they used whatever resources they had available (time, money, the Amsterdam Hilton) to push their message of optimism, action and peace.

One of the projects that Ono has been working on is the Smiles Film. It’s an ambitious undertaking. In her own words:

“My ultimate goal in film-making is to make a film which includes a smiling face snap of every single human being in the world.”

This sounds like some hippie shit — and it is — but that doesn’t mean that she won’t at least try to get it done. The logistics of this endeavor are inconceivable, but Ono is the eternal optimist. And she’s done the impossible before. Ono thinks globally and acts grandly, which is why she’s now introducing the #smilesfilm iPhone app. In the free app, users can take a photo of themselves smiling and submit it to Ono’s ongoing project. Other methods of submission are enouraged, too, including adding the appropriate hashtag to any picture uploaded to Twitter or Instagram.

The photos are also geotagged by participants. This step allows for a cool interactive feature on the app and the website. Even though Ono has yet to capture every smile in the world (her website currently counts a little more than a thousand submissions), users can click on a map and see a smile. This means that users can see all of the smiles that have been submitted in their own city, or from any other city of their choosing. If Ono’s mission is to connect people through smiles, and that goal is accomplished each time anyone takes a peep at that map.

For more information: The website for the project, smilesfilm.com, launched today.