Beyoncé – Critic’s Pick

Beyonce Jaimeville
Beyoncé Knowles has played many roles in her life. From talented child to church choir soloist to the hugely successful Destiny’s Child, the massively talented woman has always been a performer. When she eventually began a solo career, Beyoncé was instantly recognized as a first-name-only powerhouse superstar a la Cher or Madonna. Then she even created “Sasha Fierce,” an alter-ego with a naughty personality — remember Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines? These days, Beyoncé is back to being herself and is known as the talent behind mega hit singles like “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” But she’s also a wife to Jay-Z, a mother to insanely fashionable wee one, Blue Ivy, and a rumored Illuminati high priestess. Way fierce.

— By Jaime Lees

link: Riverfront Times