Gin Blossoms – Critic’s Pick

ImageGin Blossoms

Back in time of grunge, there was this adorable band called Gin Blossoms. It was a scrappy band with a jangly tambourine and Teenage Fanclub-like harmonies but overexposure on the radio made Gin Blossoms feel like a sweet little brother of a band that you just couldn’t shake. It was the kind of band you didn’t mind too much, but you wished it would stop following you around so that you could go do big kid stuff. But now you’re all grown up and when you look back at that hazy memory you see Gin Blossoms for what it really was: a sweet little brother of a band that you probably should have spent more time with and appreciated more.

Also on the bill: Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit and Marcy Playground. Nostalgia overload.
— By Jaime Lees

link: Riverfront Times