St. Louis is Still in Super Bowl XLVI, Even Though the Rams Suck

St. Louis is Still in Super Bowl XLVI, Even Though the Rams Suck
By Jaime Lees
Fri., Feb. 3 2012 at 10:31 AM

​The Rams may not be taking the field on Sunday at Super Bowl XLVI, but someone from St. Louis will be: Nick Smarrelli, chief operating officer at St. Louis IT firm GadellNet Consulting Services. He’ll be helping to escort Madonna on the field for her halftime show, as reported yesterday in an article in the St. Louis Business Journal.

With exactly one minute of Facebook stalking we learned a bunch about Smarrelli. He was married a few years ago, he does a bunch of traveling (Tibet, Australia, Jamaica, Lake Tahoe) and he has cute dog named Cooper. He seems swell and he has a very nice smile. We’re glad we have a man on the inside and we want all of the juicy details when he comes home. (Was Madonna a bitch? Yes? In the good way or in the bad way? And seriously, how was her face without HD-ready makeup?)

For those of us who know not one darn thing about football, halftime is the best time. It’s our chance to get excited about what’s on the big screen. But the Super Bowl executives have an unreliable history when choosing the entertainment. It seems to be a crapshoot, really.

I thought that Prince would be the peak of halftime performances, but he was followed with a rad Tom Petty show. And after Petty came that panty-dropping performance from Bruce Springsteen. Damn. But then after Springsteen was a just-okay performance from the Who. And then the worst came last year we were forced to endure that total barf-fest from the Black Eyed Peas. (*Shudder*)

But even if Madonna’s controversial appearance blows or Smarrelli breaks a leg (literally) we will still have Dan Connolly to represent us. Connolly is a native St. Louisan, a full-time awesome dude and a player for the Patriots. Connolly set some kind of fancy football record last season, and this year he’s a starting lineman for New England. And before you ask that all-important STL question, we will tell you that Connolly went to Marquette High School. Way to rep that Marquette Mustang, Dan.

Who else from St. Louis is going to be a part of the Super Bowl?