2012: The Year in St. Louis Music

As 2012 draws to a close, publications nationwide are indulging in retrospection, publishing lists of bests and worsts and every little thing that falls in between. This practice serves not only as an enjoyable and informative way to fill the time, but also as a great big appreciation to the people responsible for bringing us the music that moves us.”

2012: The Year in St. Louis Music

by RFT music staff

Contributions included:

4/21: St. Louis has its biggest Record Store Day ever, again. Record Store Day has quickly become an internationally celebrated holiday, but our independent record stores are better than most. And this is the day that they get to prove it. Our locals know how to throw a party, with all-day entertainment including bands, DJs, discounts, snacks and free beer. This year, Vintage Vinyl, Euclid Records and Apop Records have people literally dancing in the streets all day. And the exclusives offered can’t be beat. Record nerds and casual browsers alike are overwhelmed with options. Our record stores bring us a sense of community every single day, and this is our day to show some love in return. (JL) [link]

6/14: CBGB is forever changed by Useless Eaters. It’s always a dirty, smoky, proudly disgusting bar, but now it’s a dirty, smoky proudly disgusting bar that hosts the Useless Eaters. The band takes the stage, and the chaos begins immediately. Though packed in tight, the audience can’t help but to jump around to the sweet garage-rock sounds. This isn’t some “Nuggets” shit, though. And it isn’t full Goner, either. It’s better. From Nashville via Memphis, Useless Eaters is fronted by a sweet kid named Seth Sutton who is in his early twenties. He’s rumored to be a Jay Reatard protégé, but his skill has far surpassed his teacher. He writes music that is driving and catchy and built for bopping, and he gives us one of the surprise best shows of the year. It’s fast and surreal and hazy and sweaty, and it feels like falling in love. Many of south city’s not-easily-swayed musicians are in attendance, and the merchandise table is swarmed five seconds after the last note is played. Useless Eaters records with Ty Segall, tours extensively and a bunch of other cool stuff, but nothing else could possibly be as good as it is on this night in this dirty, smoky, proudly disgusting bar. (JL) [link]

7/20ish: David Yow bartends. David Yow is best known as the wildest, most reckless lead singer since Iggy Pop. As the invincible frontman of Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard, he flips, falls, screams and bleeds onstage. As a “guest bartender,” he shows the same kind of fearlessness. Sure, his bartending skills are questionable. He’s rarely actually behind the bar. He takes a sip of your drink. He pours one for himself first. He doesn’t turn down any shot, at all. Ever. He’s in town on official business (to work on a baseball documentary), but he denies it. He spends the entire night patiently listening to drunken fan-boys, making attempts to bond with them over favorite music that they have in common. He doesn’t talk about his bands, but continuously acts humble when told that one of his shows changed someone’s life. He flops around, posing for pictures, getting his dick out and grabbing anyone and everyone and making out with them. He is sloshed and swaying and overly touchy and everything you would ever hope for him to be — with the possible exception of seeming like a dude who might piss his pants at any moment. He’s the living, breathing embodiment of rock & roll. (JL) [link]

link: Riverfront Times