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Bloody Knives

Bloody Knives
9 p.m. Friday, February 10. El Leñador, 3124 Cherokee Street.
By Jaime Lees

Bloody Knives is often presented as “industrial shoegaze,” but that description isn’t quite right. Shoegaze was built on shy, passive performances and “swirling guitars.” Bloody Knives ain’t got none of that. This is a long-haired rock band from Austin, Texas without a single six-string guitar. The three band members play drums, bass and synthesizer. This mixture creates a thick bliss: It’s a combination of pretty distortion, eight-bit glitch and melody, backed by heavy stoner rock thumping. Constant touring has spread the band’s reputation as a thunderous live act; check it out with local openers Bug Chaser, Tone Rodent and Trauma Harness.
Go If: You want your 1988 My Bloody Valentine to rock like 1992 Kyuss.