Christopher the Conquered – Critic’s Pick

press photo by Jerrod Jordahl
press photo by Jerrod Jordahl

Christopher the Conquered
w/ Googolplexia, Patrick Eagan
Wednesday, February 18
Foam Coffee & Beer
8 p.m. | free
By Jaime Lees

As Christopher the Conquered, Chris Ford has a remarkable ability to silence any room as soon as he sings the first word. Ford’s breathy and passionate vocal delivery make comparisons to Jeff Buckley unavoidable but not entirely accurate. Sure, Ford is young and handsome and sings hauntingly beautiful piano songs, but he eschews all of Buckley’s wispy tragic-poet-posing and replaces it with strong, soulful confidence. Even in his lyrics, Ford’s personal despair usually cycles into tentative, but sturdy, optimism. Christopher the Conquered will shoot you right in the heart, and then you’ll pull yourself up off of the floor and thank him for his good aim.

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