Alejandro Escovedo – Critic’s Pick

photo by Marina Chavez

photo by Marina Chavez

Though he’s never quite reached mainstream success, Alejandro Escovedo has long been underground famous — pleasing audiences across the planet with his unique sound. A shining soul with a punk rock past (via the Nuns), Escovedo now plays No Depression-approved, churning alt-country with a rock foundation and a chicano veneer. But it’s not just his ability to incorporate different genres that makes him so well-loved: Escovedo also has charisma and stage-presence to spare. He’s basically Bruce Springsteen, if the Boss was raised in Texas and had the advantage of some Southern charm. Escovedo is a tour-hound, seemingly addicted to the stage, and when he’s at the microphone the room belongs to him. Witness it.

— By Jaime Lees

link: Riverfront Times

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