Wussy – Critic’s Pick


9:00 p.m. January 18 @ Plush
w/ Karate Bikini

Modern indie rock is packaged and sold as a sort of lifestyle choice or personality statement. But the members of Wussy aren’t so-called hipsters exploring a grand artistic vision, nor are they a group of hotties or cool kids full of rebellion and questionable fashion choices. These are grown-ups who let the music speak for itself. The Cincinnati band combines all of the best elements of indie rock into one cohesive sound, writing songs so good, so perfectly formed, that you’ll swear you’ve heard before, even on first listen. It’s this rare kind of quality songwriting — combined with an exuberant live show — that has earned Wussy loads of respect from critics and sincere love from fans.

— By Jaime Lees

link: Riverfront Times