KDHX Begins Broadcasting from New Location: Photos

KDHX Begins Broadcasting from New Location: Photos
by Jaime Lees
Mon., Dec. 16, 2013

We headed over to the KDHX (88.1 FM) studio yesterday morning to document the last couple of hours of broadcasting at good ol’ 3504 Magnolia Avenue.

At noon the beloved station began broadcasting from its new location at the Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media. Primarily funded by grants and donations, this brand new multi-million dollar broadcasting hub in Grand Center will offer the proper space and amenities to host the ever-growing station.

This is a well-deserved and monumental step up for the entire KDHX community, but we’re feeling kind of sentimental. The building on Magnolia wasn’t just the base of operations for our award-winning independent station, it also served as the unofficial headquarters of St. Louis music culture.

It was a temporary stop for countless touring bands that stopped in to record a broadcast session. It was a late-night hang out spot for those of us with KDHX disk jockeys as friends. It was a welcoming, coffee-fueled place where many of us involved in local music have spent a decent amount of time. It not only broadcasted music, but also inspired it. It was cramped and dusty. It had squeaky floors and a leaking roof. It was bursting with shelves of albums and mountains of crap and — most importantly — it always felt like home.

The photos here capture some of sights during the last few bittersweet broadcasting moments at Magnolia and a bit of the post-noon hustle going down at Weir. Many thanks to the always friendly and accommodating crew at KDHX for letting us get in your way all afternoon. Check back here for more coverage of the big KDHX move in the Riverfront Times soon.

KDHX at Magnolia Avenue:

KDHX at Grand Center:

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