Eagles of Death Metal – Critic’s Pick

Eagles of Death Metal Jaimeville.com
Eagles of Death Metal
by Jaime Lees

Eagles of Death Metal is a loose super group engineered for rock fans with a sense of humor. Formed in the late 90’s by swarthy mustache pioneer Jesse Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age’s ginger powerhouse, Josh Homme, EoDM plays hooky, guitar-driven jams with the same tongue-in-cheek attitude of early Foo Fighters. But the groups deceptively simple songs (“I Only Want You,” “Speaking in Tongues”) and adopted cock-rock cheeky stage nicknames (Boots Electric, Carlo Von Sexron) misrepresent the immense talent of many frequent band members and guests, including Mark Lanegan and the Foo’s own Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.

Note: Red-headed sex machine, J Ho, is currently in the beginning stages of a QOTSA comeback, so don’t expect him at the show. But Sugardick, Darlin’ Dave, Big Hands and Shanky McBuzcock will be holdin’ it down.