Here’s Your Soundtrack for National Coming Out Day

Here’s Your Soundtrack for National Coming Out Day
By Jaime Lees
Thu., Oct. 11 2012 at 11:36 AM

It’s National Coming Out Day! Today is the day that we celebrate and give love to all of our out and proud gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer friends.

In honor of this yearly event, we’d like to provide you with a soundtrack for your own personal National Coming Out Day. These songs will support you, whether you’re already here and queer or if you’re still waiting for the right opportunity to share your love with the world.

Up first, of course, is Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Gaga’s support of the LGBTQ community is well-documented and this song has become a gay anthem.

Another song that has been adopted by the community, Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.”

Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” empowerment anthem deserves a listen.

Probably the very first song to be adopted by LGBTQers, sung by classic gay icon, Judy Garland.

Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough,” for the line “Just like a rainbow / you know you set me free.”

Well, you gotta represent with the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” They did out and proud almost 35 years ago.

And just for fun, Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck.”

Good luck today, everybody! What songs would you add to the list?

link: Riverfront Times