Here is the Painting Sinead O’Connor Gave to the Prophet Chuck Berry on Monday

The back of a painting O’Connor gave Chuck Berry this week in St. Louis. The front is below.
Courtesy of Sinead O’Connor

Here is the Painting Sinead O’Connor Gave to the Prophet Chuck Berry on Monday
By Jaime Lees
Wed., Oct. 10 2012 at 11:05 AM

A favorite topic here at RFT Music, Miss Sinéad O’Connor wrote a blog post on her website about a recent visit to St. Louis to meet Chuck Berry.

Her blog lovingly describes both our city and our rock & roll daddy. We contacted her and asked her if we could quote from her blog (she requests that you not in the fine print) and she was kind enough to let us share some of her thoughts with you. She also sent us pictures of the, as she describes it, “scriptural writing/painting things” that she made for Mr. Berry in the bathroom of her room at the Moonrise Hotel.

Some of the key passages from her post about St. Louis:

Chuck Berry is a man who was born into segregation and racism and chose to transcend both using music, in the most loving, affectionate and amusing ways possible, lyrically speaking. And with his big brotherly personality… You watch him on you tube. Live, London 1972, playing ‘My Ding-A-Ling”.. and you realize God sent this man to show everyone music is the thing that smashes all segregations of any kind.

he created the thing that gave life to all of us the world over.. ‘Rock n Roll’. Without which I, along with most of the human race, would be either dead, in jail, unemployable, or in the nut house.

I hope to spend lots more time in St Louis as its always been my favorite part of America because it seems its the most ‘African American’ run town i’ve ever been in. Consequently its fun, full of music, and righteousness of an artistic nature.

everywhere u go u see Chuck. So proud they are, rightly, of their most famous citizen.

We encourage you to read her thoughts in full here. It’s lucid and sweet and provides an amazing outsider view on our fine city. O’Connor sees a lot of the town, too, visiting the Moonrise, Blueberry Hill, Killer Vintage guitars, etc. Apparently, she was here as recently as yesterday. Don’t leave yet, Sinéad! There’s lots more to see! Let’s go see the City Museum and the Arch and the Zoo and KDHX and Crown Candy and Forest Park and we will eat toasted ravioli and provel cheese and gooey butter cake and we will show you cool local bands! Holla!

link: Riverfront Times