The Lion’s Daughter Album Release

The Lion’s Daughter Album Release
By Jaime Lees
8 p.m. Saturday, June 16. The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street.

When the Lion’s Daughter debuted last year, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be the average Midwest metal band. First of all, it was loud as hell. The band is only three dudes, but it’s absolutely thunderous. Rick Giordano, Erik Ramsier and Scott Fogelbach make songs that are dark, aggressive and even a little flashy. Giordano’s metal growl is mixed with just a bit of goblin, adding a horror-vibe to many of the songs on its impressive first full-length release, Shame on Us All. The album is not just quality, it is all local — it features artwork by Coby Ellison, it was recorded by Brian Scheffer and Firebrand Recordings and it’s being released on the Pissfork label.

Also: If you heard the Lion’s Daughter early on, check it out again now. It’s gotten louder, faster and angrier.