Tennis System: Critic’s Pick

UPDATE: This show has been moved to the Firebird.

Tennis System
Sun., September 25, 8:00pm
Pig Slop Studios The Firebird
By Jaime Lees

Shoegaze is one of the few music genres where being a weak little pussy is actually sought after. Many shoegaze bands fall flat because of mumbly vocals and feeble beats; resulting in songs that just drift off into sprawling, boring nothingness. Tennis System ain’t tryin’ to roll like that. The Los Angeles based band takes the genre and blows it up, expanding on the customary wall of guitars with gorgeous vocals and a proper beat. It creates loud, structured-yet-psychedelic dream-pop compositions that sound like the ringing reverb of My Bloody Valentine mixed with thumping, Evol-era Sonic Youth. Watch for its sophomore release, Teenagers, due out this fall.

A Prediction: This show will be criminally underpopulated. Did we mention that the band members are floppy-haired and adorable? Just sayin’.