Taylor Swift: Critic’s Pick

Taylor Swift: Critic’s PickTaylor Swift
Sat., August 13, 7:00pm, Sun., August 14, 7:00pm, Scottrade Center
Jaime Lees

Taylor Swift is a pop powerhouse masquerading as a young country music heroine. With Grammys, American Music Awards and countless other accolades behind her, Swift has experienced unprecedented crossover success, conquering multiple genres and enchanting both tweens and their parents. And while her image is sweet and lovable and parent-approved, Swift’s songwriting is the main reason that she has sold more than twenty million albums. She was hired by Sony/ATV publishing as a staff songwriter at age fourteen, and she’s been writing hits ever since. Her music ranges from simple folk songs to dark, orchestral ballads, but her lyrics concentrate on the universal subjects of love and heartbreak. And if there’s one thing that unites her young fan base, it’s boy problems. Preach on, sister Swift.

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