Dark Dark Dark

Dark Dark Dark/Mayday Orchestra/Pokey LaFarge
10 p.m. Monday, January 5. CBGB, 3163 South Grand Boulevard.
By Jaime Lees
Published on December 29, 2008 at 5:16pm

Dark Dark Dark has built-in dimension, thanks to the fact that both Nona Marie Invie and her male bandmates handle vocal duties. The quartet capitalizes on this dichotomy by cultivating rich, multi-tonal reverberations. A combination of rickety strings and tiptoeing accordion results in compositions that sound like a more solemn Belle & Sebastian crafting the soundtrack to a bittersweet French film. The band’s pensive dirges slide easily into deep atmospheric swells that roll from somber to exhilarating. Two locals open the show: Pokey LaFarge and the Mayday Orchestra. LaFarge’s dynamic showmanship makes him a solid addition to any lineup, and the Mayday Orchestra will be the perfect complement to Dark Dark Dark. The new musical collective was born of two recently (and regrettably) terminated bands, Bad Folk and Rats and People. Expect great things.

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