Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra

Rats and People Silent Movie Show
Date/Time:Fri., December 5, 9:00pm
Jaime Lees

The recent break-up of local favorites Rats and People was a major blow to the soul of the St. Louis music scene. Known for its strong storytelling and spirited instrumentation, the Rats filled a niche we didn’t even know existed. But this dissolution has a big, fat silver lining: It leaves more time for the Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra — which has the same players, but is a different project altogether. Ever the multitalented multiinstrumentalists, the Orchestra has both scored movies and played live accompaniment to silent films. The latter performances are where the tiny orchestra shines, because the custom music so perfectly captures the mood and matches the film that you forget it’s even playing. (And that’s the highest compliment.) Come see the Orchestra work its magic on Buster Keaton’s Go West on Friday night.